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Thread: Homer/Kachemak Bay Marine Forcast for this weekend

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    Default Homer/Kachemak Bay Marine Forcast for this weekend

    Whats the deal, this morning it was forcasted S Winds 10kts seas 2ft, now I check its calling for seas 4ft winds up to 20mph. Seems like it changes pretty quick over there.

    Can anyone in Homer give me a real-time forcasts. What are you seeing right now. I was planning on hauling the boat/rv down tonight, fish with the family tomorrow and saturday. Shall I take a chance and haul it all down, only to have to haul it all the way back.

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    You can usually count on it picking up in the afternoon. Especially while the tide is changing, and even more so if the tide is running against the wind.
    It usually lays back down by evening.
    I live in sterling and always check this web cam prior to heading down. Seeing wind on the bay is ok but white caps are a bad sign.

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    i don't see anything that makes me think it will be other than nice in the morning, some sort of southerly in the afternoon, and then calm again in the evening.
    i heard some of the charter chatter today and it sounded lumpy in the inlet ("look's like we will be fishing on our knees" VHF 69 about 10 AM )
    but it was pretty nice in the bay all day today.
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    I was there for 10 days and what usually happens is it is nice in morning, SW picks up and comes screaming in bay. Weather was crappy for the entire time I was there. Constant wind and swell.
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