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    How many miles could be paddled in a day, in a kayak, on a lake? I know there are things to consider: wind, weight, kayak and conditioning. But lets just say we were leisurely, yet consistently paddling for 6 hours with good weather. I've heard in a kayak 4 mph is about average. But I'd like some more input, thanks.

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    Default kayak speed

    We plan on 2 miles per hr on the ocean with groups of novice paddlers. You are correct the type of kayak will make a world of difference in speed. I would say 4 is pushing it for any length of time. you can go that fast but I doubt you are going to keep it up for more than 3 hrs. You can go 4 mph in a 14 ft or longer sea boat, and if you have a rudder so that all your effort is propelling you and you are not correcting for drift. Shorter boats and boats that do not have a good keel and significant V entry hull design will be harder to maintain.
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    After many trips with a GPS right in front of me, I estimated 3.7-3.8 as a normal traveling speed in a fully loaded ocean kayak. That is an experienced paddler with an 18' long by 22 1/2" wide kevlar boat with rudder. But our boats were LOADED, sometimes with 20+ days of food and living supplies.

    All of that will of course change with the boat, tide, wind, etc., etc.

    With an experienced group that was motivated to make a certain camp spot, 30 miles is doable but not reccommended.

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    My wife and I are leisurly paddlers. We just got back from Whittier and paddled to Shotgun Cove. I had my GPS and it took 3hours and 48 minutes of actual paddling time. The seas were less than 1 foot. We went out with the tide and came back while it was still going out. Winds were very light. As I would glance down most of the time was around 2.2 mph. so basicall if you consider that speed in 6 hours you could go 13.2 miles. However, you'd have a sore but and sore upper muscles if you did so all at once withour stretching your legs.


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