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    My friend has a problem with pulling his oar(s) off the pins when he is really rowing hard. He tried opening the clips so the oars could be slid back on the pins quickly, but it still takes two hands. He wanted to switch to oar locks & oar rights since they are easiers to get back "into-the-game" with one hand.

    However I think his real problem is that his pins are to far forward, and I suspect that at the end of his stroke he is pulling the oars toward himself, and pulling them off the pins.

    Has anybody else had trouble dislodging pin/clips or oar lock/oar rights ?

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    Sounds like the oars are too short??

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    Do you mean the distance from the clip to the handle is to short or the entire oar is to short?

    I can double check, but we are both using 14' boots and I think we are both using 9 ft shafts/blades.

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    Well- you have the right size oars for a 14' raft?? All i can think of is maybe the oar stands are to much forward?? Outside of that am at a loss.
    good luck

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    Without seeing it, I would have to guess the same; the stands/pins are too far forward from the seat. I like them 16-18" in front of the seat's leading edge, but it's a personal choice and depends some on the rowers arm length too. It depends on the depth of the seat too, but they are fairly standard.

    I can usually get clips back on the pin with one hand, but only with the stiff white Carlson oar stirrups in place. The NRS stirrups flop around too loose and bind the oar from sliding free enough to flip the oar up and slam it home. The Carlsons hold their stiff curve shape away from the oar shaft and work much better. Unfortunately they crack after a few years, so you have to replace them. Even worse, my NRS stirrups will last forever, and I'll never be able to justify replacing them.

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    Default another possibility

    It might be that the clips are not placed properly on the shafts. Proper placement should place the oar handles about 6" or so apart from each other at the closest. It's not an exact science though; the goal is to have the oar handles situated so that you can pull straight back on the back stroke. If the clips are placed too far down the shaft, a person will tend to pull the oar off the pin on the backstroke.

    Switching to oarlocks won't fix the problem; you'll slide the oar in and out of the lock every stroke, which is not what you want either.

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    I've had the same problem a few times, the last time was a couple weeks ago in the Campground rapids on Eagle River. When I got out I checked out the gear and found the PVC pins had worn quite a bit over the years. I replaced those and things felt a whole lot tighter last weekend on the Kenai. I'll test them in some bigger water soon I hope.


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