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    Default Highway Construction?

    I'll be heading to the Peninsula next week, with a morning silver trip for starters. Are they still doing work on the highway area around summit lakes or elsewhere? Need to know if I should put in a 30 minute buffer for the drive.
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    You can probably find out here:

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    They will probably be there all summer at summit Lakes. If you are going south of Kasilof there is a bridge that is down to 1 lane. I have not been there durring the week but neither have been a big delay. 30 min should be a good buffer.
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    I went through the last two nights, and there was a delay but not too bad, maybe 20 minutes on the way down and 15 minutes on the way back, but I am sure this will vary. There were two separate areas where they ran one way traffice with a pilot car. We hit it perfect on the way back and this would be the bare minimum delay. I could see it taking 1/2 hour or more. We went through in the evening around 9pm and 10pm.

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    Thanks, everyone. And thanks for that link, Bigcox, that's very specific and very cool...all except the part that says "Comment: Expect 1-hour minimum DELAYS" between mileposts 43 and 50. That makes me think I may head down the night before. Nothing like fretting while stopped at road construction wondering if you're going to make the charter on time!
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    yesterday i had about a 45 minute delay on the way down, the worst yet in my 5 trips down in the last few weeks. the way back there was no delay at all, guess they had the day off


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