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Thread: Kustatan River vs. Big River lakes Flyout for Silvers

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    Default Kustatan River vs. Big River lakes Flyout for Silvers

    Kustatan or Big River Lakes Silvers

    I'm looking to book a flyout Silver trip to the west side of Cook. Anybody done either or both that can give me the pros & cons so I can decide which location to do in August.


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    Thumbs up Kustatan versus Big River Lakes.

    For those of you who haven't been there, here are some advantages and disadvantages. Wish I would have joined this forum last year, but better late than never!

    Big River/Wolverine Creek
    • The setting offers grandeur and provides more opportunity for bear sightings in a photographic setting. Definitely bring the wife/kids.
    • You get to fish for silvers AND reds if you go at the right time. so if one isn't so hot, you still might get a second shot at bagging your limit (starting around the second week in July)
    • You will be fishing ONLY from a boat, but can explore the lake if you catch your limit.
    • The float plane ride is low-intensity, you land on a wide open lake. This is great for people normally afraid of flying.
    • Big River is only 25 minute flight from Soldotna, 20 from kenai
    Kustatan River
    • This trip is generally for the more adventurous, the terrain is more like exploring the Amazon for pirrhana.
    • It offers bank fishing, so you can get out and stretch your legs
    • There are a smaller number of people on the river because it's harder to navigate.
    • This river has little to distract you from getting some serious silver salmon fishing done, apart from the occasional bear sighting.
    • The fishing has been consistent for the past couple years that I know of. Towards the end of July until the end of August, rain or shine, high or low water, you can be sure there are fish in the river somewhere. If you spend long enough in one spot, they will eventually swim by.
    Whichever you chose, both are much more enjoyable than fishing elbow to elbow at a popular hole. These are the two closest and most affordable flyouts out of Kenai. That being said, a group of 8 guys can split the cost for a $1200/hour charter and spend a half day hopping to some of the more elite fishing spots in Southwest. Most charters throw in a guide or two for that kind of trip.


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