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Thread: dipnetting while comercial fleet is out on kenai

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    Default dipnetting while comercial fleet is out on kenai

    Heading to Kenai tomorrow... new to this... heard the commercial fishing fleet will be out thursday.... will it be possible to dipnet while they are out?

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    It's totally possible. People do it all the time. The conventional wisdom is simply that because they are out they take a lot of the fish that would otherwise be available to dipnetters. It doesn't mean you can't/won't catch anything.

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    Talking Usefull phone numbers

    Here are some phone numbers to write down and plug into your contact list on your cell phone. Commerial fishing hotline 907 262-9611 and the Escapement hotline 907 262-9097. These phone numbers may help you decide if you want to invest in time and gas on a dipnetting trip. Hope you have full nets, good luck. Tight lines.

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    Thumbs up dipnetting hotline 267-2512

    Call the above number and you will get all the info you need. It tells you escapement/ commercial openers/ when the windows apply, etc. They set it up this way so you only have to make one phone call.


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