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    My Cocker Spaniel has the driest nose. It is cracking and is not wet at all like most dogs. He has enough water and when it was hot last week I made sure he had extra water. Is there an ointment I can put on his nose to help it heal? Do I let it go and heal on its own? My friend suggested Vaseline. Any ideas would be great.

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    Vaseline or take a Vit E capsule, break it open and spread it on your dogs nose.
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    I have been breaking a Vitamin E on my dogs nose for one day and already it looks better. It is absorbing into his cracks very quickly so I am reapplying fairly often. I didn't realize that their noses could crack this much.

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    Default ask your vet...

    for a Zink based ointment with vit. E...those two alone will do the trick...


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