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Thread: Nunivak Muskox Feb/Mar 2010

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    Default Nunivak Muskox Feb/Mar 2010

    Drew the DX003 (Nunivak Muskox), can't believe it! What an awesome opportunity for a truly magnificant animal and to meet some of the natives on the island, I hear they are very friendly and helpful. If anyone that has hunted over there would like to share some information, I would be grateful. I have read most of the posts already on Nunivak, so there is good information out there, just want to make sure I get as much info as possible to help make this a safe, and productive hunt. Either post on the forum or PM me, either way is fine. Thanks in advance.


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    Here was a break down from a previous post from my March '09 hunt.

    Costs are as follows:
    Transporter - $3,000
    Tag - $500
    License - $62
    Round trip flight from Bethel to Mekoryuk on Grant Aviation - $420
    20,000 frequent flier miles plus $10 for first attempted flight
    30,000 frequent flier miles plus $20 for second flight with friend
    $100 bed and breakfast in Bethel
    $100 charge after refund on 2 Hageland tickets
    7500 frequent flier miles plus $10 for third flight. They had a glitch and only charged half.
    $100 land use permit. (new fee starting this year according to Abe)
    Extra weight on Grant with musk ox at $1.00 per pound = $247
    Change fee on Alaska and extra overweight bag fees = $225 (she cut me a deal and knocked the amount in half)

    Total cost out of pocket was $4374 plus I had some food and misc. supplies I had to buy for the hunt, so call it $4500 (125/hour ). If I would of had an observer along, it would have run an extra $500 for the transporter plus $420 for the flight. I would have saved a little on extra bags and cargo fees though, so probably would have cost an extra $800 to have somebody tag along. I had asked him if the price would be less for 2 hunters, but it is $3000 per hunter regardless if you go together or separate.

    Some other notes:

    Grant was cheaper than Hagelands on both ticket price and extra weight. Hagelands wanted $1.75 per pound over 100lbs. and Grant charged $1.00 per pound over 100lbs.

    Brown Slough Bed and Breakfast is a really nice place to stay.

    Mekoryuk airstrip is quite a ways from Mekoryuk, so make sure you have warm clothes on for the snowmachine ride into town. It felt like it was a couple of miles.

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    Default Nunivak FEB-MAR hunt

    My son got a tag and I would like to work a tag team with you if your game. I have a SEP tag personally but will be glad to go again in FEB-MAR.

    Me and my 14 yr old plus a couple of good hints on how to do it on the cheap. Let's talk.



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