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    Default Somber check ride

    Just took a check ride today and landed on the lake that a plane just crashed off of. Not knowing until we took off and saw the wreckage and emergency crews. Not sure what happened but end result was tragic.

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    Where? There were a couple wrecks in the last 48 hours.
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    Wasilla.Ktuu has a clip on it.

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    Default Sad Day

    I just got a sobering call from my brother. He is out of town and had heard about the crash, but not many of the details. He asked me to look up in the news who the occupants of this crash were because it sounded like someone he knew who he had not been able to get ahold of for several days now.

    It turns out that I had to report it was in fact his friend Paul who was killed in the crash, my brother is very shook up to loose him.

    My brother tells me that Paul was a 73 yo retired airline pilot who has been spending his summers in Alaska since retirement. He still flew often and had a number of good stories to tell. He was in the prime of his life and you never would of thought he was 73. I am also told that this guy was a wealth of knowledge when it came to flying.

    Several years ago Paul took my brother under his wing. He had ferried planes to AK for him and given him several annual check rides. In fact Paul had just signed my bro off to solo with his new float plane.

    It sounds like Paul was a very special guy and this is a great loss to the flying community. My brother told me he had adopted Paul as his "new gramps" after our own pilot grandpa passed.

    I did not know him, but after hearing about him I am sorry I never met him. We still don't know if he was pilot or passenger, but it was Paul's plane that went down.

    If anyone knows of the funeral details, please let me know. My bro asked me to let him know so he can come back to town and attend.


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