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Thread: Kenai Update Evening of July 14th!

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    Default Kenai Update Evening of July 14th!

    Okay, good report. Had a friend down there. 2 hours, 1 net, South side mouth of the Kenai. Access via Dunes Road, off Cannery. 15 fish from the shore. He walked down there from my place in 10 minutes. That isn't bad from my years of doing this. Means the boats are loading up, I'm sure.

    PS, my friend has no idea what he's doing either.. and he don't shuffle, cept to get another beer out of the fridge! lol

    Good Luck!
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    That is good news. Thanks for the report. We are leaving Fairbanks tomorrow pm to come down dippin. Heard the weather is going to be good too.


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    From the other thread, yesterday:

    Quote Originally Posted by fishNphysician View Post
    Outgoing tide thru the late morning and early afternoon with a SW wind of 15 knots developing at the same time.

    Drawn by the outgoing tide and pushed by the wind, the plume of outgoing Kenai and Kasilof water will be tight to the beach. Should suck the fish right in. I'd expect good numbers of reds to commit to the beach and on up the rivers by mid-day.

    Could be an epic Super Tueday.
    Friend of a friend launched at 3 pm and got 56 in one hour.

    They're here!
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    Good call, Doc. Almost made a run down there today just because of that. Couldn't get it together in time, though.

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    My wife and I tried the Kenai yesterday morning (Tuesday, July 14th) starting at about 10:00 AM. We needed 13 fish to hit our limit (picked up 22 on the Kasilof on Saturday). We were done in less than an hour. We were on the north shore. Saw lots of folks with nets on top of their vehicles going down as we drove back towards Anchorage.


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