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Thread: 17' Lund on PWS Valdez??

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    Default 17' Lund on PWS Valdez??

    I'm bringing the ol' Lund up this year in late August, plan to spend a week or so in Valdez chasing Silvers. I would like to hook up with other members that may also be there. maybe show me the ropes.
    Then a week or so in around the Kenai Pen./ Homer area.
    see ya,

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    Default 1 week X 6/day = 42 silvers per person...

    but I wouldn't load that Lund up too heavy! You can get easy limits within the area before the narrows called Valdez Harbor. Best to have a good GPS, it can fog you in big time getting out or getting in during later August, and the seas can come up pretty big when the tide and wind are playing together, but lots of folks run open boats that size. Some go out a lot further, but no need then, the run is usually strong close in and lots of people fish a little rude and nearly block off the harbor entrance, so it can get a little crazy close in, and there will be a real "wagon train" trolling out towards Mineral Creek and out to middle rock in the Narrows.

    Hope you hook up with some partners, I'll be gone by then. Good luck

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    I'll be there 19-23 Aug. If your dates overlap, I'd be happy to share what I know. More than anything, it's a "do what everyone else is doing" kind of affair, though there can be many different ways to attack the coho depending on weather, the bite, your gear, preferred methods. We generally troll unless we can find a place to anchor/drift where the fish are jumping, then we throw hardware or bait at em. More fun to feel the hit.

    PM me with dates, I'll pass a cell phone #. Don't know where we will camp - have to see what is available when we get there.


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    Default that'll work

    for valdez - just troll around 5 mph and let them jump in your boat....if they are in - you don't need bait - a skirt or perhaps a bare hook would work.


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