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Thread: Ruger Mk II problem

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    I decided to take my MKII pistol appart for a cleaning last night. However it simply will not come appart. I have had these MKI's,II's and III's appart hundreds of times and I know that some need a wack from a plastic hammer to get the locking pin knocked loose. This one is kicking my butt! It is the slab side competition/target model and has not been appart before. I even put it in a padded vice and couldn't get it to break loose with a hammer and punch. I soaked it in liquid wrench overnight and had a buddy pull on the latch with square jawed pliers while I beat to on the pin, all to no avail. The latch won't even pull out of the pistol grip! Has anyone else ever encountered this? Remedy?

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    Relax and watch this video, don't break your gun...



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    any luck, EKC?

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    If the disassembly latch will start to open up but, the housing will not rotate out of the grip frame, the following may apply.

    I have seen a couple where the cross pin that holds the take down pin to the mainspring housing/disassembly latch was not properly peened in place. This allowed the pin to drift sideways internally. There is enough room in the pistol for this to happen but not enough room for it to clear the cut out in the grip frame for removal.

    If you have another to look at you can see the pin I am referring to. It is where the main takedown pin rotates on the mainspring housing.

    This is a bear to fix. If you are lucky, you can use a dental pick to reach up into the grip frame and push the cross pin back into place.

    Good Luck.
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    AKlefty, You nailed it. I took the magazine release apart and could see up in there well enough to see the cross pin hanging up so as not to let the take down lever pivot out of the grip.

    Thanks for the tip! Ya mighta saved the gish dern thing from bouncing across the garage floor....I was close!

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    Glad it worked out.


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