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Thread: Kodiak Island - Kiliuda Bay Bear Hunt

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    Default Kodiak Island - Kiliuda Bay Bear Hunt

    I was just drawn to hunt bear in Kiliuda Bay on Kodiak and was doing a bit of research. I was wondering if anyone might be able to answer a few questions? No specific details, just more about accessibility and feasibility than anything.

    1.) My most optimistic plan would be to take my inflatable and kicker motor to Kiliuda by way of Alaska Airlines from Anchorage and then a boat charter out of Kodiak. Would this be a good way to go? Can it be done?

    2.) If I can't bring my own, is it worth renting a skiff for the week, or is hunting by foot just as fine of a way to go about it? I've hunted PWS w/ my little raft and it worked great so I thought I might try it out here.

    3.) Would you recommend a reliable charter in to the area from Kodiak? Boat or Plane?

    4.) I am looking at going the 2nd week of November, is this better or worse than early in the season, or does it really matter? I know weather can always be nasty, but just not sure about when they den up down there.

    5.) Would it be wise to set up on salmon streams or hillsides? Or does it really matter this late in the year?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this! And just to give you an idea of my experience hunting in Alaska: I've been an Alaska res for the last 20 years (I'm now 23). I myself have taken several black bears, a grizz, and a brownie, and have been on a few bear hunts with friends and family in which I opted to be the backup shooter due to Taxidermy costs! My old man is coming with me and he has a lot more experience than I do. We both have been in a lot of nasty whether out hunting so we will be prepared.

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    Default my2cents

    my opinon/suggestions:

    1) you did not mention the size of your boat/motor. I'd suggest 12-14ft w/ a 15-25hp. I'd ship w/ NAC to SeaHawk Air. Charter Rolan's Beaver (Sea Hawk Air) to drop you, your boat and your dad off in Kiliuda Bay.

    Other Options:

    4) You can rent a skiff from Kodiak Kamps and/or charter with Andrews Air.

    I've never hunted fall Kodiak Browns so I'm of no help there....

    I've flown with Rolan at Sea Hawk numerous times and if you search around you will likely find little if anything ever said negatively about them.

    You could take the boat with you and never need it but you may just as easily be sitting on one shore glassing a world class 10 footer on the other... I suggest taking the boat. Better to have one and not need it than vice versa...

    Call Rolan @ Sea Hawk

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    Default Larry Carol

    Kodaik Adventures Lodge, has all you need. I got a 9 1/2 footer there last spring.

    1. warm excellent food
    2. Great people
    3.Boats to drop you off, radio's to pick you up!
    4. Hot showers and warm beds

    A great $$$$$

    Or stay in the tent in the cold and rain and bear country.


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    Default Kodiak Bear Hunt

    My first advice is to contact BRWNBR from this site as he lives and breathes Kodiak.

    IMO the best way to access your hunting area is to be flown in. Have a couple spots picked out and then fly over them...just gives you a great idea of the lay of the land so to speak and what areas you'll want to concentrate on while hunting. Also flying will allow you to see other camps that may be in the area.

    The very best advice I got on my fall Kodiak bear hunt was to be there on opening day, which for me was October 26...dunno if it's still the same, but this I heard from multiple people in the know. Get into your area a day or two before opening day and be ready to go on opening day. The longer you wait the more likely that the bears will be heading up high to denning areas. Also, getting in early could allow you to hunt over some late silvers that could still be around in some of the salmon streams. Kiliuda has a couple salmon streams on the south side of the bay. I hunted the Dog Salmon river area on a fall hunt and there were still salmon the last week of October....and bears still chasing them.

    +2 for calling Roland at Seahawk air....good folks that offer great service.


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