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    Default Trailer part???

    I have a phanton sport jon. I currently have a trailer that only has 2 of the support braces to run the boat up on. I am looking at adding 2 more so I can place them to support the sides of the boat. These are the brackets that bolt onto the trailer frame and the 2x6 supports are hooked to. I am not sure if I make any sense, but don't have a picture of them to post. Wondering if there is a place in town that sells them??

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    Lightbulb You make perfect sense

    Every trailer manufacturer uses something different so finding an exact replica might be difficult. 2 things that work well are Uni-strut that can be bought at any electrical supply house and cut to whatever length needed or just 3" channel, it's best if you can find it galvanized but if not the zinc paint (cold galvanizing) works ok, pm me if you would like to see examples of how these work on a trailer and if you decide on the 3" Channel let me know I'm sure I have some non galvanized laying around.
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    trailer. Yeah, the pieces bolt under and over the cross piece of the trailer and then meet at the top, where the piece that is bolted to the 2x6 connects to it. I wanted to add another set so weight is spread out a bit more than just on those two slides. Seems to me that the sport jons flex alot and tend to break welds due to the bouncing on the trailer.

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    In fairbanks has them. They had to give away a lot of them. The sportjon is not built very well so it needs all the bottom support it can get.
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    Default Thanks for the info to all!

    I will stop back up there when I am in town and pick up what I need to make the trailer a bit better for the boat.


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