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Thread: Do Yammies "Make Oil"

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    Question Do Yammies "Make Oil"

    Is there a fuel "carry over" issue when trolling with higher HP outboards? Does this occur only before breakin?
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    This topic has been covered over on the hull truth in great detail. From the info I gathered, the culprit seems to be with improper break in. These motors need to reach near/max rpm to help seat the rings. If the motor is babied the entire break in period the rings may not seat completely and you might notice that you are "making oil". Pull the dipstick and take a whiff and you will smell gasoline. I have not heard or experienced any problems with trolling with bigger outboards. I do, however, run at WOT on each trip for short periods. (Mainly because I can!)
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    Almost all 4-strokes will make oil if they are idled for to long.
    Some of it is too cold of thermostat and cold water.
    Thats why they tell you to run them in the upper rpm for awhile.
    Our 40hp is making oil if idled to long.
    Have a new thermostat going to help.
    There are other site that go into the making oil.


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