i sent this via p.m. to hopeak and thought i would post it here as well. please don't take it the wrong way. i would have no problem helping others who have bonus points for draw hunts out west.



i saw what you wrote about guiding in 8 for 24 yrs. and i thought you would be the guy to ask a few questions.

a little backround. my wife and i are from arizona. we have hunted a lot and are 30 yrs. old. i guided for 10 yrs. in az. for elk, deer, antelope, and other species. we love to hunt. we moved to fairbanks after i finished dental school b/c i owe the u.s. army 4 yrs. active duty for paying for my school. we have been in ak for 1 yr. and are "rookies" to ak hunting. we put in for afognak island bear b/c i want to go on an "adventure" type hunt with my wife while we are here in ak. she was lucky enough to draw DB292. i intentionally put in for the spring hunt to allow planning time. i know this is a logistical nightmare and often time local resident hunters don't understand why folks put in for these tags if they have "no idea" on what they tag entails. i somewhat understand, however, i felt drawing a tag here would "push" us to figure it out. i enjoy researching hunts and putting together the logistics required to have a successful hunt. i understand that fun = money. that is o.k. i thought this forum would be a great place to start research and a call to the akgfd in the a.m. will be next. i have the following questions:

1. are there any local places to stay while hunting or do we need a DIY tent or boat setup?
2. do most hunters that hunt this hunt sleep on a boat?
3. are there any local guides/transporters that we can use to access the island and have appropriate transportation needed for hunting while there?
4. what is the best time to hunt, early/mid/late?
5. i have heard there is an access fee paid to the local tribe. is this true?
6. where is the best place to access our hunting area from, kodiak or somewhere else?
7. is a 300 ultra enough for these big bears, or does she need something with a little more gas?
8. what other recommendations might you have for our situation and this hunt?

i understand this is a lot of valuable information. please don't think i am just leaching. i can trade valuable information for hunting many different species in several western states if you are interested, or i am willing to pay for good info. i value these forms and the information one can find in them. i hope to contribute to others here as i become more knowledgable of hunting in ak. like i said, if you are interested in hunting other states for deer/elk/antelope/ or you already have bonus points built up for states in the west especially utah or arizona i can give you a lot of advice.

thanks for any help,

shane rhoton