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    Today we were on the backside of base ice fishing and I decided to squeal on my predator call, about 30 seconds of wailing, about 15 minutes later we had a large fox visit us on the ice, came to within 50 yds of ice before he figured out we weren't dinner, that was cool, but my question is how do you guys do it, is there a length of time that you call for----30-45sec, how often do you call---every 15 minutes? All I know is turkey hunting, hoping to go out in the morning and do some callling, is it better to be high and overlook a drainage?? thanks for all the great info

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    What base?

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    I call for about 2-3 minutes then wait 15, then call again, after 1hr of nothing I move 1/2 to 1 mile and start over, seems to work well.

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    thanks for the help

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    Back home we usually call for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wait for about 15 to 20. Depending on how open the area is is how long i will stay at one spot. Usually no longer then 1 1/2hrs. If i havent got anything i will move at least 2 miles. You got to remember that this is hunting out in the open down in OK. If you are hunting in a much more grown up area you dont have to move as far. Another thing that is helpful is to start callin soft for the first few times and get louder as you go.
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