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Thread: Kenai Camping sites???

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    Default Kenai Camping sites???

    I was curious if anyone has a report on Camping sites close to the Kenai. My plan is to curise down to the Kenai area later this week. I would like electric hookups at least, but not mandatory. If possible once I get there I would like to be able to park and walk to decent fishing. I am new at the RV game so if anyone can help me with either places to go, or not to go just let me know.


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    not sure about the hookups, but centennial campground would be a good bet in soldotna.

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    Stay away from Eagle Rock private camping/launch. Its noisy and the owner is trouble. I Second Centennial or you can try Soldotna's other city launch called swiftwater - its about 1/4 mile from Fred Meyer with access to good red flipping and silver spinning spots next to, near or behind your campground. No hook ups but if you have a generator you can re-charge your battery every couple of days and don't need em. Good luck!

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    Did you want to be near the city of Kenai or just anywhere on the river?

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    I would just like to be on the river........closer to Soldotna the better. Since its early in the run I think that is best to stay in the lower portion of the river


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