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    Default DE318 Etolin Island

    I have drawn the formidable Etolin Island archery tag and could use some insight on how to approach this hunt. I have read a few articles on how tuff this hunt is but still would like to give it a go. I'm looking for what might be available for transports (air taxi, boats) and where to start and what to expect in mid to late September during the rut.

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    You are going to need to find a few good friends. The largest concentration of Elk will be on the south end of the island roughly 2500' or higher. Sunrise Aviation will end up being who you use if you fly-in to a lake. Good luck!

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    A few folks in Wrangell have trucks over there for travel on the logging roads and it and easy boat ride from Wrangell.The bear are giveing all types of calfs/fawns heck this year due to lack of hunting of bear there

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    the best prep you can do for this hunt is sleep in a devils club bush for the next month.. so when you go you will be impervious.

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    Default during the rut

    Watch your back side if you wear cow urine. Buddy was workin on his bull and had one come in that wanted a piece of him! Bulls bugling all around him, up high alpine. One advantage the bow hunt has, but I still prefer lead.
    Even a jackass won't stumble on the same stone twice.

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    Default last year

    I did it last year. I built a trail into the alpine. It was such a hard earned education I'll sell you the info for 5 million dollars.

    Just joking about the charge but honestly.......that island is rough stuff and you really do want a few good friends to commit to the haul if your gonna get in the alpine where the Elk are. I found the sign from one elk in the creek bottom. Everything else was up top. I saw em and just didn't connect. In fact after a super human effort to get up with the elk I actually gave up on elk hunting because I realized I didn't have enough support to get one out should I down one. I did find a great trophy class Sitka that I stalked and didn't connect on.

    That is an honest hard core hunt.

    The weather in Sept. can be foul

    If your flown into a lake plan for staying longer than expected.

    Let me put it this way........I've hunted Mt. Goat in AK many times. This Elk hunt exceeded the challenge of a mt. goat hunt. The rock formations on the island are a real obstical. The vegetation......well it's just more tangled than normal for SE AK.

    I found a late season stomping ground for the elk. When I go back it will be in the late season when they are romping around at lower elevations. I'm tough........but that hunt it needs three tough people working together, honest.

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    Default Etolin

    Thanks for the input gents, i have a couple of buddys that i really dont like.....I'll take them so if they hate me for butt kicking it wont bother me so much! Ha Ha Ha! This is a hunt that i would really like to pull off.

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    Default Good Luck!

    I hunted the archery elk hunt, Solo, a couple of years ago. I had RDM (great company) fly me in from Ketchikan. I flew into the little lake below Mt Shakes, you will see it on the map. I went late Sept. I hiked up to Mt. Shakes from the lake. Not a bad hike at all. I seen tons of sign as soon as I hit the alpine, but it was all old. I wish I would of went the first of Sept. I only had one good day of hunting, before the weather rolled in hard. I was then stuck in the tent for three days ontop. Finnally the weather lifted enough to see my way back to the lake. then a couple more days of heavy rain and wind.
    I did see some nice deer on the only day I could see anything, but passed, in hopes of a elk. I know a few people fly into Mc Henry lake and go from there. I think if you put in the time and have the weather you will get into some Elk.
    I drew the early rifle hunt this year and plan on taking the boat over from Coffman. I plan on spending 15 days there. I have flown over Etolin a few times in Aug. Sept. and Oct. and have seen Elk everywhere from the beach to the top.
    Good luck on your hunt, hope you stick a big one!


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