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Thread: Drew Bison and Musk Ox!!!

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    Default Drew Bison and Musk Ox!!!

    I drew DI454 and DX003! Wife says I should have bought a Powerball ticket instead.I have calls out to the guides in Nunivak for the Musk Ox. Anyone do the CR Bison hunt in recent years? I have a plane and my hunting partner has an airboat. I know most of the land around the river is owned by Ahtna so I will contact them about land use pemits. Any information on CR Bison would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike

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    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I hope your knees give out this weekend.......for about a year.

    Good job on the draws, I can't wait to see the success pics!!!!!
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    Make sure you set some extra cash away for a new freezer or 3! Congrats on the amazing draw success!

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    Awesome man, congrats on two hard to get tags in one round! I'd get some dates firmed up with a transporter on Nunivak now, they fill up quickly. I went with Abe David and he put me on ox right away. I put a pretty good break down of my hunt from this March on here, do a search under nunivak or musk ox and you'll probably find it. I listed off a bunch of prices and things I learned while I was out there.

    Good luck on your hunts!

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    Thanks Jerod! Found your post and breakdown of the trip. Looks like you had great weather for the time you were there.

    Guess I should try for the bison first and then go after the musk ox in late Feb. The bison tag starts in Sept. That gives me about two months to get plans together. First chance to get a day off, I'm driving to Glenallen, CR, Kenny Lake and start working on the logistics.

    Hope to start posting info soon. It may help out others who have drawn the tag as well

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    Default Airboat

    I don't have an airboat?!?!?!


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    No worries. There will be plenty of meat and WORK for everyone if we get it! All depends on where the Buffs are. Getting all the documents together to apply for the land use permit from Ahtna.

    We can do a two ship on skis for the Musk ox!


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    my dad drew DI454 last year, PM me and I'll share some thoughts.
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