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Thread: Kesugi Ridge?

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    Default Kesugi Ridge?

    Has anyone been up on Kesugi Ridge recently? Smokey? I've never done the whole trail--anybody got any tips if you've done it before?


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    Default Kesugi is a great trip

    Did it at the end of last summer. If you have good weather it is a great hike. We started at the north end (Little Coal Creek), and came out at Byers Lake. If the weather is at all clear you have awesome views of Denali and the Alaska Range. If it is socked in, you might want to consider postponing till better weather.

    Besides not getting the views, parts of the trail could be tough to follow in a fog (rocky trail marked with carins). Many of the good camping spots are on open tundra with no shelter, so it could be interesting if it really starts to blow. If it turns nasty during your trip, there is a a bailout point at the Ermine Creek trail (about halfway between Little Coal Crk and Byers Lake.

    The stretch between Ermine Crk trail and Skinny Lake drops down into a rather wet, low, buggy pass. Once past that you climb back up into the alpine. Also be aware that the Byers Lake access trail gets very steep in spots, and would be tricky (but doable) if it were muddy.

    We did not do the southern part to Troublesome Creek. We were advised by several people who had done it that it wasn't worth it. Apparently a lot of it is down in the woods, buggy, with lots of bears.

    The state park host at Byers Lake has bearproof food containers to loan, first come, first served.

    Have fun!

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    Hey thank you for the tips. I didn't know that the bear containers might be available. I had been up there for a day hike before and was treated to a stunning view of Denali and have always wanted to go back and do the whole trail. I can imagine it would be not as nice in the rain or fog... This year I'm more worried about the smoke and the hitchhiking at the end of the trip though!

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    If you're going to hitchhike, park at Byer Lake & hitch up to Little Coal Creek. Otherwise you'll be pretty ripe for whoever picks you up!

    Great hike though, just be ready for rain & mud. When the clouds open up & you get the views of Denali its all worth it.


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