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Thread: Which barney bag material?

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    Default Which barney bag material?

    Just got off the phone with Barney's. After my research I am going with a Barney's frame for my son. My barney bag choice is between the Hunter bag in black kevlar and the Pinnacle in black kevlar or camo cordura. I have never had a black pack and am concerned about the color versus camo. Any input gentlemen?

    Also, is there any real benefit in being frugal (my wife says cheap) and buying a Cabela's bag?

    Thank in advance for your input. Also, this site is always extremely helpful. Can't thank everyone enough.

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    Check out the outdoor gear section for a discussion on Barney's packs recently. I work there from time to time and I gave some imput on this very topic recently. Let me know if you can't find it. Go with the Kevlar. I have a pack and I didn't, but if I had it to do again knowing what I know now I would.



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