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Thread: Lost Forward drive on my Volvo Penta Duo Prop

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    Default Lost Forward drive on my Volvo Penta Duo Prop

    Hopefully, someone can answer my question. I was cruising into whittier about 21 mph finally thought I had all the bugs worked out of my boat and then I hear a Bang and lose forward momentum. I have Reverse still but no forward drive. I have a 350 motor and a volvo penta outdrive with a duo prop unit. Anyone have an Idea of what went out?

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    I don't have an answer to your question, but are you the one I passed getting towed in Sunday around noon? Glad you made it in ok.

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    I am, but I guess there were a few boats getting towed in. Had a great time fishing and limited on the Halibut

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    Sounds like you may have lost the forward gear in the lower housing. The bad part would be if any other debris chewed up more parts.

    Odie's Marine (Camelaot Ave) is very good with Volvo Penta. If you decide to tackle the job yourself he is also a good source for parts.

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    Default Ouch

    Heard you on the Radio but was a ways off, glad you got help from the Good Sam Boaters out there. I have a Left hand rotation & a Right hand rotation Prop on my boat, Long Story why, but thought of offering to loan you one, since you can open the back cover plate on the Volvo Penta Outdrive and change the rotation direction of your prop buy changing the linkage connection to the opposite side.
    Alaska Vessal on 54th behind centrial plumbing also may help out, Dan or Larry

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    Thanks for the offer, I got my boat back and on the trailer. I pulled the upper housing apart and discovered that it exploded internally...


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