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Thread: Patch Lubes in Cold Weather

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    Default Patch Lubes in Cold Weather

    What do you use for patch lubes? Do you use something that will not freeze in cold weather? How about mink oil? I know a lot of people use that.

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    I have used commercial prelubed for years with no problems.

    A friend gave me some patches he lubed with "Moose Juice," and they are terrific. Here's the recipe he got from the web:

    Stumpy's Moose Juice

    A general purpose blackpowder solvent and liquid patch lube. Shake well before using. Can be allowed to dry on dipped patching for a dry lube dry flat on waxed paper & dip twice for best saturation). Add ingredients in the following order and shake well after each is added.

    Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) 4 TABLESPOONS
    Castor Oil 1 1/2 TABLESPOONS
    Murphys Oil Soap 1 1/2 TEASPOONS
    Witch Hazel 2 TABLESPOONS
    Water (non-chlorinated) 1/2 CUP

    When used "wet" to lubricate the patch it does double duty as a bore wipe. It can also be used to wipe the bore between shots but I've found that just using it to wet the patch when loading I don't need to wipe the bore between shots.

    It also works well as a dry patch lube if you soak your patching material and let it dry although if you lick your patch to moisten it you will taste the Castor oil for an hour.

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    I might have to try that. What section do you get the Witch Hazel in? I have also heard of stumpys Moose Snot!!!

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    Moose Snot is from the same source, but it's more of a paste. Cosely related ingredients, but not "wet" like the moose juice is at first. I think you get the witch hazel from health food stores.

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    I know the guy on another forum who invented the stuff. Good Guy!


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