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Thread: Kenai Landing hotel/boat dock review from dippers?

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    Default Kenai Landing hotel/boat dock review from dippers?

    Has anyone ever stayed overnight at Kenai Landing? I'm looking for some feedback regarding lodging/restaurant/boat parking/etc. Also, any comments on the boat launch? I heard its $20 to launch and $15 to pull your boat out... seems high... Is the city dock still $15 only? My thought was that the hotel is right on the water, so it'd make it super easy to get to and from the dipnetting area.

    Any positive comments please post here. Anything negative please PM me. Thanks!!


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    That sounds about right for price at the boat launch but not sure if it is the same this year. I have used that boat launch for the past 2-3 years, since it opened basically. It is not usable for about 2-3 hours either side of low depending on tide level. The restaurant is good. I stayed in their "bunkhouse" style lodging once and it was fine. They are the old cannery bunkhouses and so it was a room with the bathroom down the hall. I think they have places with bathrooms in the room too though.


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