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Thread: planning around Fire?

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    Default planning around Fire?

    So i spent the weekend end at home in Clear. and talk about HOT. we all have sunburns to both ends... and serious shooters shoulders this Monday.

    but it was hard to sleep. the constant chatter of helicopters from the Nenana helo base, every 15 min was getting old. they were all flying low, and one swooped my yard to check out our smoke signal... (thanks for waving guys)

    i guess there are now 3 large fires around our area. one in Denali. one on tanana flats and one on minto flats.

    the last few years have been wetter then norm and we have had fewer fires and not had to consider them in our planning stages.

    this year with the extremely dry July.. ( way out of norm) we are back to our Smokey ways.

    so, i for see sheep hunters dealing a lot of smoke this you guys have back up plans or do you take that into consideration... and every one else.. what is your back up, if you hear, your favorite area just got scorched? access can change ect. in 2004 the fires ran well into mid to late Aug. nd kept some of out of our homes for weeks.

    so do you plan or wait to get there... and say... hmmmmmm NO marshmellows?
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    Just think of all the good moose browse you'll have in a cople of years Vince,----If they don't kill all the cows off first-----.

    Smoke will make alot of the tag hunters stay home if they plan on going into the hills-- That and they might get cramps--


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