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Thread: Dm-772 and Tanana Questions

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    Default Dm-772 and Tanana Questions

    I finally lucked out and drew a moose tag this year and have a few questions concerning the Tanana. My river running experience is limited and from the research that I have done it seems that most of the pressure from these hunts is geared primarily towards the waterways in the area and the various sloughs that run off the Tanana and Little Delta.

    Would it be a reasonable strategy to just cross the Tanana and then hunt inland from the south bank?

    Is the terrain on the south bank conducive to using atvs and hunting on foot?

    I have an 18' Jon boat with a 25HP prop and have been planning on upgrading to a jet or surface drive for awhile and this will hunt will probably give me the excuse I need to finally re-power the boat. Will a prop work for limited use on the Tanana, primarily just to get to the south bank or should I be looking to upgrade to a jet/surface drive? (Keep in mind my river running experience is limited and the boat would be used primarily to ferry myself and gear across the Tanana)

    Any other tips and advice would be greatly appreciated concerning the DM-772 tag or the Tanana.


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    The Tanana river is big and it is deep making it honest prop water, no jet is needed, it runs at 6-7mph where I travel it between Nenana and Fairbanks.

    The Tanana Flats terrain is just like the name says, quite flat. As to ATVs, not so conducive as the area is either forested or swampy lacking much of a transition zone to run an ATV across. If you like to bushwhack a trail I'm sure it can be done, but that is time away from hunting.

    Being willing to hike into an area and pack the moose out will leave a great majority of hunters behind. I have needed 2 days ( with help from a partner)to pack a moose out and I would do it again.

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    I have hunted that area by boat and by snow machine. There are trails in some areas on the south side. But for hunting before the heavy freeze I would recommend a surface drive as you will be able to get into some of the sloughs and smaller creeks running off the main channel. I have done it with a prop and a jet and had a lot of additional area I was able to get in to. I would love to have had a surface drive. I spent a lot of time cleaning the jet out from trying to head into the shallow areas. The area has a lot of glacial silt and it can really clog up the cooling lines on a normal or jet motor. The surface drive would give you a lot of extra area you can reach and get you away from some of the areas that are hit hard.


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