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Thread: Any body making a trip to Homer on 14-JULY-2009?

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    Exclamation Any body making a trip to Homer on 14-JULY-2009?

    Hey guys,

    Anyone making a trip down to Homer on Tuesday? The wife and I are flying back to ANC on 14JULY and our ride dropped out so just wondering if anybody is planning on making a run down. We have our pet and I don't think ERA allows them so... If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Also gas and dinner are definately covered by us, so don't even worry or hesitate to ask. If you want you could pm or email me at USCGROB@YAHOO.COM. Then I will hook you up with my PHONE #.Thanks alot guys.

    Rob and Benay

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    Wish I could help. Three of us are heading down to the Kenai River on the 15th, and if we had more room we'd definitely help ya both with a ride. Unfortunately, it is a single cab pickup and not the suburban I'm buying soon.

    Have you considered the "rideshare" classifieds on Craigslist? You might increase your odds of finding a ride:

    Hope this helps.


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