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Thread: Kodiak Brown Bear, DB241

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    Default Kodiak Brown Bear, DB241

    Alright fellas, I need some help. I drew the Red Lake area of Kodiak for spring brown bear...Anybody that has been on this hunt, or in this area, I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide. j

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    Default Kodiak

    I'll DB258 as well for the spring. I am open to suggestions as well. Seems we need to get some help on Kodiak's weather during this timeframe, gear list, logistics, spike camps, and any other information anyone on here can provide.
    J. Contact the Kodiak Bear Biologist. I sent him an email yesterday with a laundry list of questions. He was very polite and reponded very fast with some sound advice..Larry at

    Any other ideas or advice anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated to the the bear hunters going to Kodiak.

    Good luck

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    Score the USFS cabin - can't remember if it's a 6 or 7 month advance resvo max.

    That was my 2nd choice and I whiffed on all the draws.

    If I were doing it, I'd find someone else who drew. I'd bring my Karku Guide's, snow shoes and a sled. I presume the lake is ice free in early May. Air taxis would probably know.


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