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Thread: Cow moose vs Bull hunt tactics

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    Default Cow moose vs Bull hunt tactics

    My wife and I both drew cow tags this year. DM400 and 401. Yea, what are the odds? We REALLY want to make this work since it is unlikely anything like this will ever happen again. Bull tactics are discussed and understood. There are videos, books, and all sorts of other talk about behavior and habitat. They follow the cows basically and most especially towards the rut. I have found few bulls about in the early part of the hunt, but have seen cows. I have a few questions:

    Is it better to get out there early in the hunt are later to find cows along the Susitna? My thoughts on starting early is that less pressure from other hunters looking for bulls may make all the animals less weary.

    Are there especially good places to look, in general, for cows vs bulls? Good feeding areas with willows about and plenty of water come to mind.

    If I have a choice in cows, what is the best cow to take? Obviously one without a calf.

    Not to rub it in, but I also drew caribou this year. I guess I win the lucky vs. good contest.

    What is a man to do? I guess I will have to fix up my boat and get after it.

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    My daughter drew a youth cow tag. Out plan is simple. Find some good terrain that looks like good habitat, find a high spot you can glass from. Get up early and glass. Give it a couple days and move on if you don't see anything. This, besides road hunting, has been my only successful way of hunting non-rut bulls and cows.
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    I usually look for where the cows are and then carefully search the area for bulls. So I guess I would just skip the additional searching and shoot one of the cows...<grin>


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