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    I drew this tag for bowhunting bull moose in the Birchwood area in Sept. I drove up there yesterday for a quick scouting trip. For land access I am willing to share the moose meat 50/50 with the landowner if successful. I am more inclined for a spike/fork than a big bull but, I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to harvest a trophy if one presents himself. Any thoughts are welcome.

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    I have a couple of meat packers lined up and will remove the entire carcass from the property. I am a single guy so I don't need any entire moose for myself, if any landowners are interested in half, I would be happy to share.

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    I think there are about 10 acres of open land in that whole hunt. It's just a permit entry fee trap, I believe. Powered-Parachute hunted it last year and did alot of ground work with respect to contacting landowners without success.

    Give it a hard try anyway.




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