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Thread: 2009 King Salmon Eating Quality

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    Default 2009 King Salmon Eating Quality

    Anyone else notice a difference in eating quality this yr? My impression from quite a few yrs of eating AK kings is that they were rich/fat/oily melt-in-the-mouth quality and because of that, they were very forgiving in cooking times unlike lean fish that tend to dry out even if slightly overcooked in covered
    weber bbq.

    This yr, the first few batches that I did the usual way....relatively
    small pieces over direct heat for short times did not turn out as I expected. I then started using the whole fillet (1-1.5 lbs) as cut w/ skin on again over direct heat....because the fish was 20lb+ to start, the piece was so thick, it was hard to cook the
    interior w/o overcooking the surface.

    I then resorted to indirect heat and the results are much better but still nowhere near as rich/fat/oily as I'm used to. Almost like the ocean conditions left them muscular but not fat because not enough food. In this last case, the flesh is moist but not as rich as before......even the belly cavity parts (haven't tried the belly proper as they were cut separately).

    Is this real or my imagination? The fish are from Sitka.

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    Default Haven't Noticed a Problem

    While there weren't as many to test here in northern SE - IMHO every King I have tried this year has had plenty of fat and oils. There have been just run-of-the-mill "melt-in-your mouth" quality (including the DIPAC hatchery returnees that have not always proven to be comparable in quality to the wild stock King spawners).

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    The bigger/older fish have better fat and taste. If a King is what is on order for the grill, I prefer the ones over 35 pounds. Seem to me, the bigger is better and has always been that way for me.
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    I prefer the smaller ocean fresh Kings for eating, and smoke the big boys.

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    What kings??


    I am in the king black hole.


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