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Thread: sending it to the states

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    Default sending it to the states

    watched ktuu last night interviewing a lady dipnetter who said she smokes and cans her fish and sends it to the states. I thought the personal use fishery was to benefit alaskans only. Is this illegal and if not should it be?

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    Pretty sure that is illegal. We were debating that on the fishing forum, too. Same topic, not a specific case. Either way, it definitely has to be "immediate family."

    Let me clarify: Page 16 of the regs states, "....non-residents may not handle any of the gear or operate a boat that is being used for personal use fishing, or have in their possession fish harvested in a personal use fishery."

    Somehow missed that part in the previous discussion. Seems pretty clear that unless they are residents of Alaska, they can't have the fish at all.

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    Default Personal Use vs. Subsistence Use

    Strictly speaking according to the regs:

    "Personal use" is a legally defined type of fishery. It is defined as "the taking, attempting to take or possession of finfish, shellfish or aquatic plants by an individual Alaskan for consumption as food or use as bait by that individual or his immediate family."

    "Finfish, shellfish, or aquatic plants harvested in personal use fisheries may not be given to non-family members (except when proxy fishing), because personal use is defined as "taking, attempting to take or possession by an individual for consumption as food or use as bait by that individual or his immediate family."

    What a can of worms...

    Now if it were Subsistence Use:

    "Subsistence uses of wild resources are defined as 'noncommercial, customary and traditional uses' for a variety of purposes. These include:
    "Direct personal or family consumption as food, shelter, fuel, clothing, tools, or transportation, for the making and selling of handicraft articles out of nonedible by-products of fish and wildlife resources taken for personal or family consumption, and for the customary trade, barter, or sharing for personal or family consumption (AS 16.05.940[32]).

    I'd say the lady was ill-advised to go on TV saying that her personal use salmon was being sent off to the States.


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    I once asked the guy on the Sport Fish counter at the ADF&G office, "So, according to the regs it's illegal to have my neighbor over for dinner and feed him fish I dipnetted. Is that right?" He rolled his eyes and said, "Yes, that how it's written, but it's to prevent people from selling or trading personal use fish. Nobody's gonna check if you fed your friend personal use fish."

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    My son lives in Idaho. He is no longer an AK res. He's in my immediate family. Could I send him fish?

    GR8FL is right, she should not have said that on TV.

    Conspiracy theory: Maybe she was scripted to say what she did. For those who want to ban dipnetting, she makes a good poster boy.


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