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Thread: sheep hunting out of McCarthy

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    Default sheep hunting out of McCarthy

    I was wondering if anyone has done any sheep hunting out of the McCarthy area. I noticed there is only a 3/4 curl requirement there, is that because there are alot of sheep in that area.

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    Default Tough, but they are there

    I spent 10 days, and it's tough, but we went 2 for 2, ten years ago. Expect lots of glacier/ cliffs/ scree in large amounts.
    If you would like more info, just PM me.

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    Default McCarthy

    I hunted there in 2006 and saw some sheep but only one possible shooter. I think it is over hunted in the limited areas that you have to hunt. Unless you have your own plane. If you can cross the rivers and glaciers and get to some of the more remote areas maybe you can get a sheep coming out of the park. There are also goats there too, but they are only in certain areas, be sure to talk to the pilot before you get there about where they might be.

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    Default mccarthy

    hunted 2007....seen more hunters than sheep but did shoot the biggest one i saw...which was only 7/8 curl....i would probably never go back to that area again....
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    We went in Aug. 2008. We saw a total of 4 sheep in 5 days. One nice ram and we hunted our butts off. It sucked. The pilot dropped us off by a lodge and it was pretty sad. I wouldn't go back. We flew out early. We did see a lot of black bears.


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