Leica product #42221 Tripod Adapter for LRF Rangefinder @ $29.99

Leica Stabilite Tripod Adapter - 42221 is threaded for the Leica LRF 1200, LRF 800 and LEICA PINMASTER laser rangefinders. The rugged Tripod Adapter is threaded for our LRF 1200, LRF 800 and LEICA PINMASTER laser rangefinders and it features a sturdy base plate with a flexible rubber rim. The Tripod Adapter provides you with a more accurate, convenient and less error-prone distance measurement without any threat of damage to your laser rangefinder.

With the Tripod Adapter for the LEICA LRF 800 RANGEMASTER, the LEICA LRF 1200 RANGEMASTER and the LEICA PINMASTER, the Leica Camera AG company offers exactly the right accessory for secure and convenient rangefinding. The adapter consists of a base plate that safely accommodates the instrument. A rubber strap secures the Rangemaster and offers additional protection. Especially in surveying projects or while hunting, objects often have to be sighted at great distances. The use of tripods in such cases offers extra accuracy, especially with small targets.

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