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Thread: Garmin 296 problems

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    Default Garmin 296 problems

    I am having a problem with my 296. I fly out of Birchwood and often work my way south west towards Beluga River. After I cross the Big Sue within a mile my satellite reception drops to the point the 296 will not fix my position (2D or 3D). It still holds them with a green lock but reception is way low. Prior to crossing the Sue it has strong lock so I know it has good date and time info from the satellites. Once I fly back east of the Sue it picks up strong reception and fix’s my position within a 40ft area. I have brought a hand held Garmin CSX 60 and it has strong reception throughout the area. I sent the 296 back to Garmin and they sent me what I believe was a new unit. I flew with it yesterday and it did the exact same thing. Is anyone else having problems with their 296? Thanks for the help.


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    Thats strange, i have a 296 and hold a strong signal all over that area. Is there a chance it could be a matter of where you have your antenna mounted? Just a thought.

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    Default Problems

    I once was coming back from caribou hunting and under alot of clouds(ok, got stuck scud running), between beluga and tyonek, and my GPS just started spinning, as i lost satelites. I had to quicky return to my instruments and flew IFR for a couple of miles towards big lake VOR to get out of the clouds. I have a top of the line garmin 495, and thats the only problem I have ever had. Since I had added a permanent atenna on the top of my wing root and had no problems. Just remember these things are for VFR and keep the rubber side down.



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