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Thread: Hawkins island out of Valdez

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    Default Hawkins island out of Valdez

    Possibly going deer hunting next weekend out of valdez to hawkins island, has anyone been there, are there bears there? any info would be helpful


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    Default Hawkins

    You'd be better off going to Hinchinbrook or Montague. The locals hit Hawkins hard. Especially this year when fuel prices are over $3.00/gal. Then some yayhoo anchored a big boat in a bay and has been bringing in mass hunters. Recently he's been running them down the island and dropping them off everywhere including on top of other people hunting in the area. The troopers and feds are really scrutinizing him as he's already been in trouble for some of his activities. Guiding under the guise of being a transporter during bear season comes to mind.

    Yes there are Bears (brownies) on Hawkins. While not as many as Hinchinbrook or Montague, they've been bothersome recently. Last year there were 4 or 5 shot in DLP situations as I recall.

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    Another consideration is how are you going to get there. If you plan on bringing a 20' boat down forget it. The NE winds down the Valdez Arm this time of year might allow you to get out, and keep you out. Chartering a 40-50' boat would be better. I was on a 56' one Dec. and he was taking waves up on the windshield. It is not pleasent this time of year out there.

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    Default thanks

    thanks for the info, don't know what size boat we are taking, but I do know the guy I am going with and he wouldn't take any chances, hence the reason he didn't go this weekend. I just want to see some deer, it is a shame that it is overhunted, my belief is that alaska in general is over hunted by guides trying to make a living, but sometimes not thinking of what they are leaving for the future. just my thoughts though.

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    Default Did you go?

    Gobblin'fool, Did you make it out? I took a buddy out this weekend myself. We spent a day on Hawkins, then took my own advise and went over to Hinchinbrook. We hunted Fri., Sat, and Sun (today). Saw one deer on Hawkins on Fri., and saw the guy in Windy bay busily dropping hunters off. We saw one deer the first day on Hinchinbrook, then today saw 15 and got three apiece. We ended up with a big fork, 4 spikes and a yearling doe. Hunting conditions were harsh as we got about 18 inches of snow last week, then a light rain then it got cold and froze hard making a crust. Anytime you tried to cross a meadow, you were post holing in knee deep snow. Very tiring. Even a lot of the timber had 12 or more inches of snow in it. Only the oldest stands of trees were relatively easy going with a couple inches of snow. It took persistance to finely score today. Then about 2pm the wind started coming out of the North 30 to 40 knots. The ride back to town was bad. Took a lot of freezing spray.

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    Default just my thoughts

    we now are waiting til the 1st of december to hunt, the weather has been predicted to be miserable, so not taking any chances, hopefully better in two weeks, wish I could go over thanksgiving as we have a lot of time off then, did you see any bears? If you know of anyone going thanksgiving that needs help pass my name,


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