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Thread: Quick Sutton trip

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    Default Quick Sutton trip

    Took the family out for a quick escape. Ended up at Slipper Lake. Pretty much had the pit to ourselves.

    Got lucky and snagged one of the two nice shaded spots.
    (Is it bad the kids swam in a lake at an abandoned mine? )

    Hot, dusty and TONs of smoke haze.

    Kids had a blast rolling around the spent mine area.
    The ride to 17mile lake was enjoyable and relatively dust free.

    Picked a wrong trail and the wife got a bit nervous. Something about perpendicular hills.

    Picked up lots of trash. Wow. If I had another 2' on the trailer I could have held another 5 contractor trash bags full of junk. AT the end of the day the kiddos realized it isn't cool to litter.

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    Default That is great!

    Great pic, and sounds like a lot of fun! We do a lot of trash pick up on the Denali Highway too. My 6 year old never misses a peice of trash to pick up. I use to pay him a penny for each peice of trash, but when I had to sell my house to keep him paid, I had to change that plan! Now I tell him it's going into his 'college' fund. (I sure hope he doesn't go... lol)

    It sure is a great way to teach kids!
    Experience Real Alaska!


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