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    I have a buddy from out of state that has a Salmon Shark charter with Orion out of Valdez on Wed. July 29th. He is looking for 4 other people who would be interested in going. the cost is $450 per person. There was a group of 4 that backed out and he is looking to fill the boat...there are few if any salmon shark charters available in Valdez yet this summer. He might be willing to work with you...

    I took this trip 2 years ago and the boat all caught shark. I landed a 400 pound+ monster. Good eaters too!

    Two guys looking to share shark fishing charter
    Salmon Shark Valdez Alaska
    Depart 6:00 a.m. Return 6:00 p.m.
    Wednesday July 29th
    Orion Charters
    Cost: $450
    Call Brian at 715-570-4464
    or me at 907-347-2429

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    My plans are for taking that very charter next year! I have their 99 percent catch rate for every sharking trip they have taken, from 1999-2006:

    I only hope those claims are true...if not, then I wouldn't patronize 'em. Of course, I doubt the veracity of any statement from any charter for there is no fool-proof way to validate their claims.

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    Default 99%

    It is an awsome trip you wil have fun!


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