Spent last week fishing the Sumner Strait, out of Point Baker (Lands End Lodge), on the NW tip of Prince of Wales Island.

Went the same time (1st week of July) 2 years ago. Much different this time around.

We had good salmon runs, hitting well trolling for both pinks (average 5 pounds or so) and silvers (7-10 pounders). On Monday the three of us in the boat landed 20 salmon in about 4 or 5 hours. On the previous visit, the salmon where few and far between.

One guy at the lodge also landed a nice king (30 pounder.)

Also did good on halibut (the three of us in our boat limited twice, plus picked up several others of the week.) Unfortunately, none where very large, most in the 10-15 pound range, with the largest about 30.

Picked up a few cod and rock fish as well. Some of the other boats got some nice yellow eyes (one 16 pound, another 21) and ling cod.

Of course, one thing that helped alot was returning to familiar waters. We were fishing unguided, but felt this time we new much more where and how to fish the area.

Enjoyed the whales (humpbacks, plus one pod of orcas). The humpbacks are nice company when we are out fishing!

Flew home with about 70 pound of fillets per person.