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    I accepted a position on Kodiak Island and will be arriving on Wednesday. I was wondering what the fishing will be like in the rivers?

    It seems to me that the king & Red runs are pretty much over, is that correct. What type of fish will I most likely target at this time (rivers)?

    I plan on spending a lot of time fishing and was just curious. I will figure out where and how through the failure method I'm bringing my sage 12wt 9wt & 4wt with me.

    Thanks for your time, Charlie

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    depends were on island. lower south/west was hot this weekend. some king, plenty of sockeye.

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    Default Take the thrill ride...

    If your pocket book can afford it, go for the ATV experience to Saltery Cove. The area guides (Kodiak ATV, Can't Get Enough Fishing, Ultimate Island Adventures) specialize in the experience.

    Reds traditionaly are very good in mid-July, but take the time to call them for the latest catch information. Better yet, ride out to the American River and take the first right just after the bridge. That's their staging area and they return back with their customers around 6:00 pm. Check them out. While waiting you can use your 4 wt to challenge the dollies that usally are in the river right beside the staging area.

    On the way out, you can do the same with the dollies at Salonie Creek.

    Don't forget the beaches. Myrtle Beach is a classic tidal presentation with plenty of casting opportunity for dollies.

    Reds run at Pasagshak, but inquire locally before heading to the end of the road.

    However, for the money, the ATV experience is not to be missed...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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