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Thread: Hiking / Trekking Underwear

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    Default Hiking / Trekking Underwear

    While doing some extended uphill training getting ready for my sheep hunt my usual hiking underwear (soffe shorts) began to let things chafe.

    I have a Barney's pack and the waistbelt of my pack tends to shift the waistband of my (soffe) shorts..This is the major reason I want to find different undergarments.

    Has anyone tried the Ex Offico sport briefs? Any ideas?

    Thanks for any advice

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    Default Ice Breakers

    I've tried a variety (Mtn. HW ZeO, ExOfficia, Patagucci...etc.) The nicest, one's I've used and only one's I'll buy now are the Ice Breakers Bodyfit Boxer Briefs. You can wear them longer, and they don't get that crazy polypro/synthetic grunge smell. The waist is wide and doesn't chaffe either, they're awesome, but at $30 a piece they should wash themselves too.

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    Default ex officio

    Those are super comfortable! I bought a pair last year and they are great. I'll probably be getting another pair or two this year.

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    The Ex Officio boxers a great, but I like the REI MTS just a bit better. The MTS seam to be a little more breathable and cooler. I have both brands in boxer and boxer briefs. Never had any chafing with either brand whether hunting, backpacking, or jogging.

    Both are antimicrobial and do a good job of not holding onto odors four days into a hunt. My only minor complaint is with sleeping in them, they always seem to hold in more heat and moisture while wrapped up in that sleeping bag than plain cotton. Can leave you feeling a little swampy in the morning after a warm night. Other than that, they're 10x better than hiking in a pair of sweat soaked cotton underwear.

    Haven't tried the Ice Breakers but sounds like I'll have to give them a try next.

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    Are the Ice Breakers available here in Alaska?

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    Default Ice Breakers

    Here in Fairbanks, Frontier Outfitters carries them. Not sure if Beaver Sports does or not, but they might carry them. I just got back from Alabama and it was in the hight 90's with nasty humidity and the Ice Breakers were amazingly comfortable, even in those temps.

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    Do the legs of the shorts stay down tight, without riding up? If they do I think I give them a shot


    Thanks for all the posts.


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    The only time I've noticed the legs riding up is when I sit at work and keep getting up and down alot. It's not very often that that happens and much less than my Mtn. HW or Ex Officios. The Ice Breakers have pretty good elastic around the legs and the waist is better than any of the others I've tried. I've had them for over a year now and they hold up extremely well from what I've seen.

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    The biggest thing that the exO's have going for them is that they dry crazy fast. I have UA in the jock and boxer configuration and they do ok (better than cotton by a bunch) but when I hand wash them they take way longer to hang dry than the ExO's. How are the ice breakers? Right now my desert travel gear consists of 2 pairs of ExO's I alternate days washing them each night, I have spent 3 weeks on the road like this. Now if they just made a pair of socks that would hand wash and dry easily!

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    Default Drying

    They dry pretty fast, but I think the synthetics beat them by a bit in the drying department. I can run a test at home with several pairs and let you know for sure which is faster if you wanted? I personally would still choose the Ice Breakers over any of my synthetics, even if they do dry a bit slower. They beat the funk factor of any of the synthetics, even with their Antimicrobial materials by a long shot.

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    Default Purchase

    Just bought 1 pr of Ice breakers "beast" briefs.....great name huh? and 1 pr of the ex Officio boxer briefs

    When trying on the Ice Breaker Boxer brief, I thought the legs were a little too loose, and they started to creep even just moving the legs up and down in the dressing room.

    The ex officio were just too comfortable not to buy, but wow....very pricy...almost $65 for 2 prs of underwear....

    I'll start testing tomorrow.


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    I don't recall mine being called "beast" briefs..I believe they're the BodyFit 150 boxer/brief. I'm heading into town tomorrow and will probably pick up another pair and will see what these "beast" models are all about.. maybe I'm missing something. The Ex Officios are a really comfortable product, can't argue that, just that "funk" factor with the wool is incredible and worth it if I can get 3 more days wear out of a pair.... keeps me from having to carry an extra pair.

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    Default Briefs are really brief

    They have both types of Ice Breakers there (Frontier) check them out.

    My wife has now made fun of me for putting so much thought and discussion into mens underwear.

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    Default Entire Stores

    Thanks for the information, I'll check it out today, I've been wanting some warmer winter hunting Ice Breakers, so maybe they're thicker.
    No worries about guy underwear discussions, it's an important piece of "gear". At least we don't have entire stores dedicated to the stuff.

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    Default More like speedos

    Defininetly not warmer than the boxers.....they are cut more like regular underwear.


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