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    Thumbs up Swarovski customer service

    Thought i'd share my story about my dealings with SONA. Back in '99 I bought a brand pair of Swarovski Habicht bino's in 10x40 and got a good deal on them. I have sent them back to the North American service center 2-3 times for servicing/cleaning and have always been happy with their service.

    This past winter I decided I needed to have them cleaned again so I sent them, I believe in Late Jan/early Feb. Turn around was suppose to be 6-8 weeks, no biggie since it was still a long ways from hunting season. Well the 7 week mark hit so I decided to contact them to find out it's status. Come to find out, they had to be sent to the factory for repair which is in Austria which added on another 6 more weeks or so. I thought cool, they should be in real good shape come August.

    I got them back about a week ago and to say I was happy is an understatement. I opened the box and not only were my bino's in there but a brand new leather case with leather straps was also included. I took the binos outside to check them out and they were as bright and clear as the day I had originally bought them plus they had cleaned up the rubber and mounted a new Swarovski decal on them as well.

    If you in the market for some high quality glass I highly recommend that you check out Swarovski. Their products are of the highest quality and their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with. When you buy one of their products you will never have to worry about paying to have them cleaned/repaired, only the shipping to get them to SONA and that's it. All the stuff i've had done to them would have cost me hundreds of dollars, yet I may have paid a total of $40 in shipping in 10 years. A huge thumbs up to Swarovski and SONA!

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    Default Good Information.

    Thanks for the great Customer Service report. I'm a big Swaro fan and have yet to need their customer service department, but it's good to know I'll be taken care of should it be needed.

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    Was pretty disappointed to learn about swaros "lifetime warranty" is no such thing....if its too old they wont work on it...with that said:

    Similar story that made me feel better about it

    Alaska_Lanche had a pair of swaro binos h******** 8x30's that had one of the interior lenses go off-kilter, making one side useless. No problem, send them back to swaro.

    They called him back and told him that they couldn't work on them because the binos were too old. It was going to cost x amount of dollars to fix. He said no, just send them back, going to get the 10x42s...

    He had them shipped to my house (he was in the process of moving). I opened them up, looked at brand new lenses inside and out. Looked through them and everything was as bright and crisp as it was when he first got them. Needless to say, his 10x42s were already on their way, so I got a good deal on pretty much a brand new pair of binos!

    There was a hand-written note in the box "Thanks, we did what we could"...I guess!

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    Thumbs up Me too!

    After a particularly busy hunting season last year I went to clean up my 10x42 El's. When I tried to unthread the eyecups to clean the inside they were frozen from all the grit that had accumulated and I was actually turning the insides. This caused them to become misaligned. I called SONA and they said send them in It will take 2-3 weeks. I got them back 7 days later they cleaned them, re-aligned them and added some loops to the strap attachment points. I use a bino-system and the split rings were rubbing. I assume this was a proactive measure but I can appreciate that the most.



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