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    Anyone plan on doing any scouting trips into the DCUA for their upcoming sheep hunt? I need to go down there for a weekend and do some scouting myself and don't really want to go alone. I can either meet you there or if your in the local area we can drive down together. I have an area in mind that I want to investigate, we don't have to go to the same spot but we can camp together. I know of a cabin and a permanent moose camp setup in this area where we can stay. PM me if your interested. I am looking at going this weekend if at all possible.

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    Changed the date to the weekend of the 24th, if anyone else is interested.

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    I'll be up there on the afternoon of the 25th to fly the area. My partner and I are pretty limited on time, so we decided to take his plane out for a spin. We'll probably spend a 3-4 hours over the area that we intend to hunt to get a good idea of what the terrain looks like and see if we can see where any sheep might be hanging out. I plan on bringing my camera, GPS, maps, binoculars and a notebook. I'd be happy to exchange some information that we gathered from the air for anything that you might pick up from the ground.

    Send me a PM if you are interested and let me know what area you'll be in.

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    oakman, I sent you a pm.

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    Last ditch effort to find someone that is free this weekend to tag along with me down near Delta Junction. Plan is to leave Friday morning and be back by Sunday afternoon. If this doesn't pan out I will try again next week.


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