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Thread: Cheap Places to Stay in Kodiak?

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    Default Cheap Places to Stay in Kodiak?

    I am hoping someone can help me out. I am having to go to Kodiak from Nov. 12 - 22nd for my Coast Guard test, which will be taken at the college. Where is somewhere cheap that I could stay as far as a B&B or some sort of descent, cheap lodging?

    I'll be there 10 days.
    Marc Theiler

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    I dont think cheap and Kodiak even go together. Last year we stayed at the Coast Guard Billeting and even that was right around $90 a night for my son and I.

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    Default I've got a place now

    Thanks for the reply. I got a smoking deal from a very nice lady. All wrapped up. Now I need to know whether or not I can hunt blacktail.
    Marc Theiler


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