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Thread: September moose/caribou hunt?

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    Default September moose/caribou hunt?

    this will be my first year of moose hunting. I'm hoping i can drive and hike out? were would be a good place for this? I'm looking to put meat in the freezer so i dont care much for big antlers. I hunt all over alaska and alway fly out, cost to much money and im focused on buying a house next spring. so if anyone knows a good place to try for moose or caribou at the same time keeping it down on the cash flow that would be awesome, thanks tons

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    Take a breath there big fella. If you hunt all over Alaska, you probably already realize that a combo hunt for moose and bou off the road system is pretty low on the likelihood scale, especially if you're hiking and not using an ATV. You probably need to pick one or the other...

    If you choose bou, the Haul Road comes immediately to mind, altho that's a long drive from Anchorage. I guess you could try to hike into the Chicken area....either way, neither of those hikes will be a picnic for sure.

    A moose hunt off the road system will be packed in the most popular spots, altho if you're hiking you may be able to scout and locate some less-traveled spots with a decent chance for success. If you're a bowhunter, you should at least have the benefit of additional hunting days in the early season.

    Either way, the time in the field beats not going, so good luck and good hunting. Good luck on the house hunting too.

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    I know of several locations you can do a walk in moose hunt in units 14, 13, 15, and 16. Most hunters do not want to spend the time and money looking for these areas. They are very hard to hunt, and takes a person who is really dedicated to hunting the old way.

    If you are this type of hunter, get out a map, look for a likely area. When you are driving down the road, look for areas that are huntable. Spend the time “play hunting” to determine if it is a good area. I would have no less than 5 good areas to hunt before moose season.


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