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    I am headed to Valdez on Friday from North Pole and plan on taking my time checking out the scenes on the way. I just recently got into flyfishing, haven't caught anything yet, and am looking for spots to hit up along the way and in Valdez..

    Is anyone familiar with any streams or hotspots along the way and in Valdez? i am not looking to pay anyone to catch the fish, just easy spots to catch and get to. Particularly with little bear activity.


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    I suggest you start with the Robe River / Creek just outside of Valdez and just past the terminal road. Lots of Pinks and they should be in there by now. You also has some small Dollies in the system and they are always a challange. You can also fly fish directly off just about any place near Allison Point Just watch the tied and the slippery rocks!

    Prior tp that you have Donelly Lake, the East Fork of the Gulkana between Summit and Paxson Lakes not to mention the Gulkana it-self, Meyers Lake, Tonsina and the Klutina.

    The Tiekle River also has a population of Dollies that can be fun.

    Have Fun

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Blue Moose

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    For pinks I had the best luck with chartruse alaskabou or similar patterns, pink worked ok and so did orange. For dollies flesh flies and egg patterns (beads would be best). Allison point is a great spot, but as Bluemoose said watch the slipery rocks (some felt soled boots help a lot).


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