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Thread: Breaking in new boots

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    Default Breaking in new boots

    How many miles/time do you think it takes to break in a new pair of boots? I recently purchased a pair of Lowa boots for my Dall Sheep & Goat hunts this fall. I've been waling a couple miles a evening in them with a 60 pound pack & they feel great, but just curious what the consensus is.

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    Default new boots

    Flat land breakins can be deceiving. IF you really want to know if they're broke in and/or the right boot for you get them on a mountain.

    I've found that my feet can feel great for 10+ miles under load even in the hills even with brand new boots. Where I have found the best "test" is pack up, go for a walk, spend the night on the mountain and walk back out. it's a PITA, but walking out the next day will tell you lots about how you feet like your boots. As will the day after you get back, if they don't get along....

    Generally, I'll put an entire summer towards beating a pair of boots into shape. Several hundred flat land miles and at least a couple of overnighters in the hills a month from last snow fall to first.

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    JMHO but if they need breaking in they ain't good boots. I treat them and wear them and did the same with military jungle boots in Viet Nam where there was no such thing a breaking in

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    Get them good and wet and then walk them dry. Usually one time will do the trick, but on some of the stiffer boots it takes a couple of times doing it.
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    At least 50 miles.


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