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Thread: kifaru spike camp vs. mystery ranch longbow with nice frame

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    Default kifaru spike camp vs. mystery ranch longbow with nice frame

    Anyone had a chance to compare these two packs?

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    I don't know anyone who has put them side by side but it would be a great comparo!!

    I know that I have read of people that don't like the Kifaru but I don't recall anyone saying that they didn't like the MR's. My buddy and his wife just dumped top of the line Arc'tyrx Bora packs in favor of new MR's with the Nice frame. They are very happy and they got a screaming deal too!
    I know I am looking forward to pitting my McHale pack against the MR this Oct on Kodiak!

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    LuJon, I wiil be looking forward to your comparison.

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    One thing you may want to consider is pack weight? Those are both pretty hefty packs but the materials and construction are fantastic. If you do a search on the bowsite there is a lengthy post on the Mystery Ranch packs. In the past there has been quite a few complaints about hauling around 8 to 10 lb packs...especially if you are trying to drop ounces and pounds off your back. It sounds like Mystery Ranch is likely coming out with a lighter weight hunting pack line that can still be loaded w/100+ lbs. Hopefully they won't be priced like the current ones...boy are they expensive!

    I currently have a Arcteryx 95 pack that has been a meat hauling machine and taken years of intense use and abuse! It weighs just over 7 lbs. The only thing I don't like about it is that it isn't camo and quiet cloth. If Mystery Ranch comes out with a new and improved lighter pack in camo/quiet cloth I may switch over.


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