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Thread: where to put in around fairbanks

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    Default where to put in around fairbanks

    i have a 22 foot sea nympth deep v with an inboard/outboard in it and am looking for a place around fairbanks to put in and run the boat for a few hours before heading to valdez i have been told i can put in at the park there on peger and run downstream to where the chena and tanana meet but i m not sure of it
    i know i can go to harding but that is a drive just to check to make sure everything is good on the boat anywhere around fairbanks even if it is a pond and i can only pull a nascar pattern for awhile

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    If you don't want to put in a Alaskaland (aka Pioneer Park) you can probably get Compeau's to let you use their launch, or Pike's landing to get on the river. Both locations see a bit of larger boat traffic, so you should be good to go to the Tanana from there.

    As for ponds, check to see if any of the gravel pits will let you putz around.

    Good luck & happy boating.

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    also chatanika out the Elliott @ 11 mile
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    I'd hit Pikes. Another option is launching on the Tanana River off Chena Pump Road.

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    Default starting on the Tanana

    For an inboard, assuming you are running a prop, I would think you'd need some deep water.
    Chena Pump campground on the Tanana gets deep fast. no fees
    Pikes gets deep quick, head downriver. no fees. Below the Pump House go to the left side as it tends to be shallow below Cripple Creek.
    Chena Small Tracts Road is pretty shallow, you'd have to back in a long ways. no fees
    Compeau's. YUCK. Doubt he'd say yes anyway
    University Ave. Campground. Good deep launch. Small fee to park and launch. The river is ok deep on the outside of the bends.
    Alaskaland. Very shallow and mucky. Not a good idea for a deep v and prop.
    Graehl Landing. shallow. river is wider and shallower. Not sure what you need for water to launch and run, but lower on the river would most likely be better.


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